Partnering to Provide the AEC Industry with Integrated Technology Solutions

Changing the Way the AEC Industry Does Business

The Solution: Leading the Way in Integrated Solution Delivery Over the years, partnering in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry has become more common. However, as technology continues to evolve, companies will need to partner in different ways. Selecting the right partner is critical to ensure success and maximize efficiency.

As construction projects and contract mechanisms have advanced, so must the industry’s technology systems and vendors. Customers no longer buy individual components of a technology system and piece them together. Instead, the wave of the future is Integrated Solution Delivery—a new model for partnering to deliver technology solutions.

This model evolved from the need to gain efficiencies on large, complex projects by forming a team that is seen as one entity, not as individual companies that provide software, hardware or services. “As technology changes, the ability to share information becomes a necessity,” said Wes Smith, Principal of AEC Cloud. “Vendors must offer a sustainable IT platform solution that is customized to companies in the AEC industry.”

AEC Cloud is pioneering the model of Integrated Solution Delivery. “For years we’ve partnered with software and hardware vendors, and have seen a very role-specific effort similar to the many silos of technology on the market,” Smith said. “Vendors need to spend more time building relationships, instead of worrying about who ‘owns’ the customer.”

AEC Cloud took this approach when forming a partnership with Accordant Company, LLC, a New Jersey-based company that provides business solutions to construction, service and real estate businesses. Since 2010 the companies have worked together to deliver solutions centered on Sage Solutions and Meridian Systems software.

“We were looking for a partner that focused solely on the AEC industry, and also had extensive expertise with providing quality cloud hosting solutions,” said Bob Sandelands, Managing Partner at Accordant Company. “AEC Cloud really understands the industry and how the right business solution can help companies increase efficiency. They also provide consistent messaging to customers, and offer a much higher level of service than the competition.”

This partnership has helped both companies learn that successful business solutions are more than just software platforms or applications. “A solution has several components, including proper business requirement analysis, cohesive procurement, configuration, deployment, documentation, training, maintenance, and support,” Smith said. “By combining efforts, we have developed long-term solutions that satisfy customers.”

Accordant Company and AEC Cloud have also developed a relationship and understand each other’s focus, strategy and vision. “AEC Cloud is a partner we trust—not just from a technical perspective, but in all aspects of business,” Sandelands said. “We share a similar focus and vision for the future.”

“Partnering with AEC Cloud allows us to offer another level of service to our customers,” Sandelands added. “Our industry focus is also unique. No other partnership has a singular focus on the AEC industry, and customers appreciate that.”

About Accordant Company, LLC
Accordant Company plans to continue working with AEC Cloud in the future. “Both companies are dedicated to delivering quality solutions and real value to customers,” Sandelands said. “Our partnership allows us to grow and pursue business together. We look forward to expanding our relationship with AEC Cloud in the future.”

Accordant Company provides leading-edge business solutions to construction, service and real estate businesses and specializes in the implementation, consulting, and training of Sage Solutions. Accordant is a Value Added Reseller partner of AEC Cloud’s hosted services and solutions. For more information, call 800-363-1002, or go to

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