Massaro CM Services: Maximizes Efficiency with AEC Cloud Services

The Problem: A Need for Greater Efficiency and Technical Support
Massaro CM Services, LLC, is a firm that provides construction management services through the entire building process. Headquartered in Pittsburg, PA, the company needed to keep all of its employees connected—while working in the office or out at construction sites.

“We have approximately 31 employees, and have several construction and development projects going on at the same time,” said Nancy Gorgas, Senior Project Engineer for Massaro CM Services. “We needed a way to share project information electronically and communicate with each other, whether at job sites or in the office.”

As a firm with a small Information Technology (IT) department and little expertise in managing a web-based collaborative tool, Massaro CM Services recognized the value of outsourcing these services to a company that understands the construction industry and supports the software it uses.

The Solution: The Cram Group’s AEC Cloud Hosting Services
In 2010, The Cram Group via a partnership with Accordant, began hosting Meridian Systems’ Prolog Manager and Prolog Converge for Massaro CM Services. This helped the company streamline its document management system, and communicate better with clients.

“The Cram Group understands the AEC industry, and has extensive knowledge of Prolog and the other software that we use every day,” Gorgas said.

“They have the technical expertise and insight into how everything works together. They’re sensitive to the nature of our business.”

The Cram Group handled the company’s migration from Prolog Website to Prolog Converge. They also performed several professional services, including:

  • On-site training on Prolog
  • Converge notifications
  • Development of a custom Prolog Converge Dashboard

Massaro CM Services also depends on the support and customer service that The Cram Group provides. “We know we have technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Gorgas said. “They’re very thorough and attentive to issues. Their service and response time is excellent.”

Since working with The Cram Group, Massaro CM Services has experienced greater effeciency. “We have more than 100 users accessing our portal and Prolog daily,” Gorgas said.

“It’s great that they can access the information they need from any location.”

Massaro CM Services has also seen improvement in its information reliability. “In our industry, it’s critical to know that our database is backed up,” Gorgas said. “We’re currently working on a large building project for Penn State University, which involves nearly 20 contractors. It’s invaluable that they can get the most current information at the job site.”

Massaro CM Services plans to continue partnering with The Cram Group in the future. “The Cram Group understands our need to work effeciently and provide excellent service to our clients,” Gorgas said. “We look forward to continuing to work with them for our technical support and hosting needs.”



About Massaro CM Services, LLC
Massaro CM Services, LLC represents and advises building owners through the entire building process. They provide owners with a wide range of preconstruction and construction phase services. For more information, visit www.MassaroCMS.com.

About The Cram Group & AEC Cloud
Since 2001, The Cram Group is a leading Consulting, Hosting, and Development services provider focused on the AEC Industry. Core oerings include education about Cloud Computing and Solutions based on the NIST Cloud Denition; Software for United Application Management and Role Specic Applications; and Services from Advisory to Maintenance which are available direct and through a nationwide Certied Partner Network. For more information, call 212-505-0381, or visit www.aeccloud.com.

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