The J Companies Maximizes Efficiency with AEC Cloud’s Hosting Services

The Problem: A Need for Greater Efficiency and Reliable Technical Support

Headquartered in New York, The J Companies, LLC, is a builder that provides construction management, development, and consulting services. With clients across the country, this family-owned business needs to keep all of its employees connected and documents organized.

“We currently have more than 20 employees, and most of them are stationed in New York,” said David J. Brot, Principal of The J Companies. “Our clients are located across the country, and we have multiple construction, consulting or development projects going on at the same time. We need to be able to compile information and keep our documents organized, whether an employee is working in the office or at a construction site.”

The Solution: AEC Cloud’s Hosting Services

AEC Cloud started working with The J Companies in 2005 by hosting Prolog Manager from Meridian Systems. Over the years, as The J Companies’ business expanded, AEC Cloud partnered with them to meet their need for additional applications.

Today, AEC Cloud hosts all of The J Companies’ IT needs. Its custom solution gives The J Companies’ employees access to an integrated package of virtual desktop, document management, accounting, and project management tools.

The software package includes Office Suite (Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange bundled with Columbiasoft’s Document Locator), Sage’s Master Builder, and Prolog Manager.

Employees can access these tools from a job site, their home office, or the company’s main office.

The J Companies recognizes the importance of partnering with a company that understands the construction industry and can support the software it uses on a daily basis.

AEC Cloud has proven expertise in the Architecture Engineering and Construction industry,” Brot said. “They understand the products that we use every day and are sensitive to the nature of our business. This allows us to focus on what we do best, and not worry about the technical issues.

The J Companies appreciates the reliable technical support that AEC Cloud provides. “If there’s a problem, we know we can call a qualified person to help us 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Brot said.

AEC Cloud’s document management service helps The J Companies increase efficiency by keeping all of its blueprints organized and easily accessible. “Document Locator is the core of our business,” Brot explained.

It provides an unlimited library of our documents, and makes it easy for employees to file information and find documents quickly.

AEC Cloud also provides high quality document security for The J Companies.

We never have to worry about our information being secure,” Brot said. “We’ve had excellent document security and stability over the years.

“By outsourcing our IT services to AEC Cloud, we can compete more effectively with other companies in our industry,” Brot said. “We’ve been able to keep our operating costs low, while maintaining a high level of efficiency and productivity. As we continue to grow, we can easily add other projects. We plan to keep working with AEC Cloud to host our IT services.”


About The J Companies
The J Companies, LLC, is a builder that provides construction management, development, and consulting related services. Headquartered in New York, the company is managed by brothers Allan J. Brot and David J. Brot. The company has extensive experience in construction, development, pre-construction planning, consulting, and construction monitoring.
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