AEC Cloud Updates Portal Software with Patch 18: Unified Application Management

Home_Slider_Software_840_100pAEC Cloud recently released Patch 18 for the Portal Software. This new patch covers some bug fixes as well as extends the functionality of the Portal Software, giving users and administrators control over application access and management. "Unified Application Management" is the key feature of Portal Software.

The full release documentation can be viewed here.

What is Portal Software?

Developed with a cloud mindset, the AEC Cloud Portal Software is purpose built for:

  • Companies seeking a unified end user
  • Unified application administrator experience
  • Currently used by more than 20,000 users
  • Seamless self provisioning experience

Major Functionality includes:

  • Central company/contact repository
  • Secure launching, provisioning and single sign on for various applications
  • Activity based billing module
  • Integrated with Active Directory
  • Includes a web services layer that can be used to leverage certain features for other integrations


If you are thinking about moving all or part of your business to the cloud, give us a call and let us show you how to leverage the myriad benefits of cloud hosting.