AEC Cloud Best Practices Webinar with Hagen Business Systems

Yesterday we had a nice opportunity to co-market and educate ourselves and the industry with one of our business partners, Hagen Business Systems out of Phoenix, AZ.  The Webinar covered popular concerns about leveraging Cloud Based solutions and best practices to avoid common pitfalls.  We'll have a Video replay up soon.

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 4/4

Segment 4 is the continuation of Q&A with numerous questions from the audience and more discussion from Jeremy Sibert and Wes Smith. [youtube=]

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 3/4

Segment 3 is the continuation of Wes Smith speaking on Integration and Interoperability within the AEC Industry. The second half includes commentary from Wes Smith and Jeremy Sibert on various topics as well as the beginning of Q&A. [youtube=]

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 2/4

Segment 2 is the continuation of Wes Smith speaking about the NIST Cloud Definition and how to apply it to your cloud transition. After the definition Wes breaks into several major areas of interest for AEC Industry participants such as Unified Application Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Interoperability and Integration. [youtube=]

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 1/4

Segment 1 contains introductions and the 1st section by Jeremy Sibert from Hensel Phelps Construction Co.  Primary topics are a Google survey on cloud, Pre 2010 state of the AEC Industry, the Apple fueled bridge to utopia, the cloud puzzle, cloud confusion, the unified cloud goal, and various questions along the way. [youtube=]

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Excel with AEC Business Applications [Video]

Team TCG had a great webinar the other day.  This includes a walkthrough of Office Business Applications (OBAs) and using them with integrated web services, a fundamental technology driving cloud solutions.  If you missed it, take a look at the video below. [youtube=]

Wes Smith Interviewed on Citrix TV | Discusses How Software Only Subscription Licensing Applies to the AEC Industry

We always enjoy Citrix Summit & Synergy.  What a great opportunity to network with experts in application delivery from around the world.  This year we had the opportunity to be interviewed based on our long tenure and extensive work with the Citrix CSP and Microsoft SPLA programs.  Check out the video below where Wes Smith highlights a few clients and discussed the benefits of subscription licensing and how the AEC Industry can take a page from the book of successful platform vendors and apply it to their Line of Business software to help change the industry. [youtube]

ENR Cloud Computing Webinar, May 25th, 2011

The Cram Group's CEO, Wes Smith, was invited to provide industry related experience to add value to one of ENR's first Webinars on Cloud Computing.  The ENR event summary is below: The air is so filled with clouds these days--cloud computing, cloud services, public clouds, private clouds, internal clouds, managed clouds, fake clouds, hybrid clouds--you would think a storm is brewing. But while "cloud computing" is the buzz of the year, some debunk it as "nothing new" and say we have been using services leveraging cloud computing for a long time. And while that may be true, what is new is a rapid expansion in the opportunities companies now have to apply the benefits of cloud computing to their own operations to manage more data, collaborate more effectively and run far more sophisticated applications than ever before without having to sink bottomless investments into IT. This webinar featuring construction industry experts on the subject will help you find your way through the fog.