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Our expertise is in AEC software. We know how to install, configure and manage it.

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Professional Services

Support desk, custom software, OBAs? We can fill in wherever you need help.

AEC Cloud – Over 17 YEARS of specializing in Application Hosting, Integration & Professional Services for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industry.

AEC Cloud is the longest running and only Cloud Based Service provider dedicated to the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industry.

We have developed a proven methodology to help your business seamlessly transition to a Cloud based business solution, and leverage that for a more productive work environment.

We started in 2000 by implementing our expertise at the New York Times. In 2001 we were selected to help rebuild the Pentagon. Since then we’ve been delivering cutting edge IT solutions, increased productivity and a real return on investment (ROI) with big and small Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) companies like yours.

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How can the “Cloud” help my business?

We’ve all heard the term “Cloud”, but what is the “Cloud” and how will it help me grow the business?

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Some of our clients have been with us over 17 years! Our dedication to service, and attention to detail, keeps clients happy year after year. Whether big or small, we are interested in seeing your Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) business grow and prosper. See what other clients are saying.

At the end of the day, we will be your best advocate by keeping YOUR interests ahead of anything, or anyone else. Period.

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Explore how we helped out other Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) companies with their Application Hosting, Integration and Service needs.