Help your business grow

AEC Cloud utilizes Microsoft technologies, and engages fine talents to transform your IT to the next level

What we do?

With cloud transformation becoming more prevalent, we function as an extension of your IT and assist by leveraging technology to evolve, grow, and do more. We provision offsite servers, deploy and manage various applications that you utilize providing simple access and support staff readily available via phone to troubleshoot. Our AEC domain knowledge and technology expertise makes us a preferred managed cloud service provider for customers across the United States. 

The Pentagon

We started our journey into technology at the Pentagon Renovation Program in the early 2000’s.  Here we implemented our original Unified Application Management portal which launched us into the future of server based computing.

Hensel Phelps

We’ve been a team player with Hensel Phelps for more than a decade.  We pioneered numerous technology verticals including Application Hosting, Implementation and Enterprise Integration, sharing lessons learned and best practices along the way.

The J Companies

The J Companies initially came to use to host their Project Management software.  10 years and as many applications later, we continue to work together making logical transitions between the technologies that serve the SMB market.

Customer success story

Small-medium construction businesses are constantly striving to adapt cloud transformation aiming to improve their productivity and efficiency.  Learn how The J Companies, a customer since 2005 is able to maximize their efficiency working with AEC Cloud


For more than 15 years we have hosted applications for Enterprise, Large and SMB companies.  We’ve been there since the days of dedicated hardware, transitioned through there era of server virtualization and pressed on as early adopters of cloud based offerings. >Learn more



We’ve built 100’s of software projects including desktop, mobile & web applications; stored procedures, utilities & scripts; integration adapters, web services and API’s.  Today we focus on Unified Application Management, Enterprise Integration and Business Intelligence. >Learn more


We’ve implemented products across the entire Cloud stack, including Software, Platform, and Infrastructure as outlined by the NIST Cloud Definition.  Whether Business or IT Systems products, a methodical approach keeps the tech tools optimized and your staff focused on their work. >Learn more