Turn your IT projects to us for greater success

We have over 15 years of experience demonstrating turnkey value for customers like North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System (NSLIJ), The Pentagon Renovation Program (PENREN), Turner Construction and The New York Times Real Estate Division.

We have delivered versions of these services to small, medium, large and enterprise companies.


We can provide the easy to digest version of what’s going on in general technology sectors, what other companies are doing, what applies to the Architecture Engineering and Construction Industry (AEC), and what will help benefit your company. We have extensive experience in these areas as well as modeling ROI. We can also leverage our domain specific relationships, potentially saving you significant time and money.


Our Services team manages all aspects of technology projects in line with our vision and yours. Attention to Quality, Cost, Scope, and Schedule are paramount. We closely follow a blend of several disciplines of methodology that result in high quality delivery, on time and on budget.


Similar to an accounting audit or having a 20 point check performed on your vehicle, a thorough technology audit is a great idea to ensure that a second set of eyes spots potential issues and provides recommendations on best practices. It’s also a useful time to listen to the higher level use cases and issues that stakeholders and users are experiencing and consider whether or not the solution is working as intended. This can be performed on an entire solution, specific software, in house software code, or infrastructure.


Well organized and thorough requirements are critical to creating great solutions. We have extensive experience in facilitating requirements gathering for simple and complex projects.


After all the stakeholders are educated and moving in the same direction, we seek to engineer a few options. This is always a good idea to ensure a thorough technical analysis is performed based on requirements.


Once we have engineered some options, we address the look and feel of the solution, which may require review of the engineering. These disciplines go hand in hand.


After planning, we build the project.


If the project involves custom software, then we will use a multi step process to ensure the application is built and tested per requirements.


Based on the requirement, we will deploy the project in a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution.


Often times the solution will require migration of existing assets from one location to another. We have extensive experience in this type of work including simple exchanges or complex data transformations.


We have experience far beyond typical line of business (LOB) application integration, for example; addressing authentication, automation, and other system level processes.


This covers configuration of business applications and solutions within the vendors intended use and tool sets.


We routinely create & deliver installation, admin, and user documentation as well as training materials.


We have performed 1000′s of hours of application specific training for AEC companies.


Getting your solution live and ensuring the production roll out is successful.


Our support team provides technical support for our hosting and software offerings. For non-hosted customers, they can assist with certain areas of expertise that are common to our hosted environment for on premise or alternate data center location support. We use collaborative unified communication systems like online discussions and screen sharing to coordinate with our own teams as well as appointed members of customers, reseller partners and vendors.


Ongoing attention to the “Implementation Version” including access, configuration, data integrity, and other issues is paramount in maintaining a well oiled solution.


We have a well oiled Upgrade Client Management (UCM) process that enables us to maintain a consistent approach to working with Business Operations users and simplify the technical aspects of solution upgrades and related technical change management.


We provide full time equivalent (FTE) staffing for on premise solution support and maintenance. Remote staff are also available for certain roles.


Let us manage your IT projects or be managed as part of your team

Our goal is customer success