AEC Cloud's innovation combined with our construction experience results in high value to our customers and partners

- Wes Smith


During the mid-'90s our founding members, who are engineers by profession realized the internet would change everything in the future allowing users to interact over the internet with near real-time experiences.

And their experience in the construction space paved a way to solve the fundamental issue of the distributed, collaborative, migratory workforce found almost exclusively in the construction industry.

Honeycomb, our first hosted services

We began hosting applications with a single physical server.  Our first hosted service was called Honeycomb projects.

The name was instant by looking at a box of honeycomb cereal on top of the fridge in our room when we were thinking about how all the technologies of the future would connect.

The rest is history and successfully running over 17 years with proven experience helping leading AEC firms power their IT services.

Technology, Expertise & Guidance

Cloud-based solution revolves around the principle of having key processes embodied in technology to achieve standardization in management, training, deployment, and support. 

Our managed cloud hosting solutions partnering with Microsoft is the industry proven way to achieve that result.

The use of our solutions boils down to a fundamental strategy between trying to do everything yourself or staying focused on core competencies. Our core competency is technology management with an owner/operator and project management mindset.

Once you identify the type of company you are, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return On Investment (ROI) for any technology solution is far less significant than the opportunity cost from achieving your goals.

Partner with us

We are a service provider with a clear and unique value proposition combining AEC industry knowledge with technical expertise.

Let us help your business grow with cloud-based technology.  Send an email to or call us at (212) 505-0381.