Why the Construction Industry? We were Construction first. The general application of technology came second as a means to solve problems recognized by our founding members experience in the construction space.  With staff backgrounds in Project Controls, Critical Path Methodology (CPM) and Field Management from major ENR companies, our hosted services were started to solve the fundamental issue of the distributed, collaborative, migratory workforce found almost exclusively in the construction industry.

Why Server Based Computing?

The Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) Industry lends itself to hosted services for several reasons.

With AEC companies, out of 1000 employees, 90% will be in the field, and a high percentage of them are moving from location to location daily or weekly with the need to access information from numerous devices.

Even if a high percentage of the users are stationary, they can still benefit from process based standards and the sharing of data.

Server based computing revolves around the principle of having key processes embodied in technology to achieve standardization in management, training, deployment and support. Our managed cloud hosted solutions are the industry proven way to achieve that result.

What is our History with Hosting?

AEC Cloud was a pioneer in the vertical market of hosting services for the Architecture Engineering and Construction industry. Here is how it evolved.

During the mid 90's we realized the internet would change everything. Not just the internet, but the evolution of HTML which would let users interacts over the internet with near real time experiences.  Our first effort at hosted services was called Honeycomb projects. This was due to a box of honeycomb cereal sitting on top of the fridge when we were thinking about how all the technologies of the future would connect.

We began by hosting Prolog Manager with a single physical server. The rest is history. We now have over 15 years of proven experience helping leading AEC firms power their IT services.

Since we are a service provider with a clear, unique value proposition based on combining AEC industry knowledge with technical expertise, we continue to innovate and grow year on year.

Innovation combined with our construction experience results in high value to our customers and partners.

The use of our solutions boils down to a fundamental strategy between trying to do everything yourself, or staying focused on core competencies. Our core competency is technology management with an owner/operator and project management mindset.

Once you have identified the type of company you are, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return On Investment (ROI) for any technology solution is far less significant than the opportunity cost of being distracted from achieving your goals.