Deep Expertise Matters: AEC Cloud to Resell Viewpoint Construction Software

Today I am happy to announce that AEC Cloud has entered into a technology reseller agreement with Viewpoint Construction Software. The Portland, Ore.-based provider of construction management software should be no stranger to those in the AEC industry.

In fact, Viewpoint’s fully integrated software is used today by thousands of GCs, specialty contractors, heavy/civil contractors and owner organizations all around the globe. It is a company that has built a strong foundation in this market by developing an integrated set of solutions that fit every need of construction. It’s the type of full-service mentality that comes only by listening closely to the needs of customers.

In all, Viewpoint has embraced an agile mindset when it comes to meeting customer demands. In fact, if there is need that must be fulfilled and Viewpoint cannot fulfill it organically, the company will align with the best partners in the market to deliver for customers.

With that in mind, it makes me very proud to say that we are one such company with which Viewpoint has chosen to align. Part of that comes through our rich history serving the construction space. We like to say that we are “construction first” here at AEC Cloud. In other words, we consider technology to be a critical tool that must be used effectively by construction companies.

For those who might not be aware, our staff has deep expertise in Project Controls, Critical Path Methodology (CPM) and Field Management. And our hosted services originated as a means to help solve the fundamental issue of the distributed, collaborative, migratory workforce that is familiar in construction.

It became pretty evident to us early on (circa the 1990s) that the evolution of HTML would be a game changer for everything—including construction. And so began our long and storied history into hosted services for this space. In fact, our first project was named after a box of cereal—Honeycomb—that sat in the room as we brainstormed the ways in which we could help apply hosted services to solving critical business challenges. From there, it was on to hosting Prolog Manager—at the time a Meridian product (now owned by Trimble). Today, of course, that now includes products hosted by major players across the market.

Now, as a reseller of Viewpoint Construction Software, we are providing access to the broad set of solutions.

  • Vista by Viewpoint— A fully integrated, comprehensive suite of software solutions that helps contractors manage all areas of operations

  • ProContractor by Viewpoint— The industry’s only all-in-one cloud software solution for estimating, project management, and accounting

  • Viewpoint For Projects— A collaborative project management solution for achieving streamlined processes and clear communication

  • Viewpoint For Field View— Improve project controls and information capture for better safety, quality, and defect management

  • Viewpoint For Estimating— Easy to use software to quickly and accurately takeoff, estimate, and bid projects for best profit

  • Viewpoint For Content Management— Drive down costs with efficient workflow, document management, recognition technologies, and storage and archiving

  • Viewpoint For Cloud— Solutions to ensure all your Viewpoint tools are optimized, secure and available

Match that with the broad set of capabilities offered by AEC Cloud, and what you get is a strong product offering anytime, anyplace.

To find out more about Viewpoint Construction Software, start with their whitepaper "Six Reasons To Use Construction Accounting Software."

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