Wes Smith to speak at AGC it forum conference 2018

Infrastructure - The Foundation

AEC Cloud Founder, and Cloud Executive Officer, Wes Smith will be speaking at the AGC it forum conference 2018 on August 17 in Chicago, IL

Venue : Sheraton Grand Chicago


The conference focuses on the three pillars of IT excellence, which are IT Strategy, Security and Infrastructure.

Wes Smith will be providing a guided tour and discussion of the past, present and future of Infrastructure, one of the three pillars.
He'd be also sharing his experience with a range of clients from SMB’s through Enterprise level companies to shed light on this key area of focus.  The audience will get an inside look at the transformation of business, people, and technology that is shaping the future.

If you are planning to be there at the event in Chicago next week, make sure to attend my session.


For those who are not attending but have interest in learning about the session, and the value add, we could email you the relevant information after the event. So please signup here.