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Meridian Systems Announces New Prolog Developer Network Program.  Customers and Partners Can Leverage Technical Resources to Extend Prolog, the Leading Construction Project Management Software
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FOLSOM, Calif. -- July 22, 2009

Meridian Systems, the Plan-Build-Operate technology solutions leader for
project-based organizations, announced today the Prolog Developer Network
(PDN), a developer-oriented program that is now available to Meridian
customers and technology partners who intend to extend Prolog^® software
solutions on their own. PDN subscribers can access shared knowledge, tools and
technical resources to effectively build Prolog integrations, and quickly
leverage the power of Prolog Connect, a new Web Services development platform
for Prolog software.

“Meridian’s market leadership in construction project management software
continues to drive innovative programs, such as PDN,” said Sallie Sutter, vice
president, client services, Meridian Systems. “PDN uniquely supports its
members with easy access to a variety of expert resources, allowing customers
and partners to reduce costs and save time when extending Prolog to other
business systems and applications.”

PDN subscribers can access and leverage a library of core software when
developing integrated applications between Prolog and other systems, as well
as make use of framework tools to develop new Office Business Applications
(OBAs). OBAs streamline how project-team members and contributors interact
between Prolog and Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook. With PDN, subscribers
can quickly customize the preconfigured OBAs included in the Prolog Connect
Collaboration Pack.

PDN allows members to greatly increase the development efficiencies and rates
of success of by accessing a catalog of common development patterns and code
samples provided by peer subscribers and Meridian Technical Services.
Subscribers can also receive mentorship opportunities by periodically
requesting design reviews from the PDN community.

Finally, subscribers will have access to shared knowledge where members can
network and share successes and challenges to reduce cost and save time
building integrations or extensions by accessing tools created by subscriber
peers and Meridian Technical Services.

Meridian welcomes the following partners and customers as new PDN members:

 American Reprographics Company (ARC)                       NoteVault
 Adenium Systems                                            PCI Group
 Bovis Lend Lease                                           Southern Precision
 CubisOne                                                   Stantec
 Data Builder, Inc.                                         Turner
 Dimension 5 Solutions                                      The Cram Group
 Kelar Pacific                                              Vela Systems
 Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM)

PDN subscribers can validate their development skills by earning an
individual, technical certification (Meridian Developer) at no additional
cost. A Meridian Developer certification spotlights individuals who can
deliver the highest level of support for Prolog Manager software.
Certification requires completion of an online exam and four development case

For more information on PDN visit:

About Meridian Systems

Meridian Systems, a Trimble Company (NASDAQ: TRMB), is the Plan-Build-Operate
technology  solutions leader for project-based organizations (PBO^2). Building
owners, construction  and engineering firms, and public agencies use Meridian
software to effectively manage capital  building programs and facility assets.
Meridian offers construction project management and infrastructure lifecycle
management solutions that reduce project costs and schedules across the
plan-build-operate project lifecycle. To learn more about how project-based
organizations are benefitting from Meridian solutions, download a user study
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