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Unleash the Power of Microsoft Excel with AEC Business Applications [Video]

Team TCG had a great webinar the other day.  This includes a walkthrough of Office Business Applications (OBAs) and using them with integrated web services, a fundamental technology driving cloud solutions.  If you missed it, take a look at the video below. [youtube=]

Interested in Using Microsoft Excel with Prolog and other AEC Industry Applications?

We revamped our website section on OBAs so it's easier than ever to get started using Microsoft Excel with Prolog and other AEC Industry applications.  The new streamlined section consolidates years of experience in building OBAs.  The basics of OBAs are outlined first and we added answers to more than 25 frequently asked questions about everything from why we build them, why they work well for Prolog, why people love them, and how they work with Prolog Sky!  [Click here to Learn More]

2012-08-23, Announcing eInvoice for Prolog Suite

The Cram Group announces eInvoice with support for Prolog Connect Web Services. eInvoice facilitates the way AEC Industry companies manage invoices with a focus on operations collaboration. It is a community aware, enterprise capable, project focused electronic invoicing application which is made possible by treating the process as the hub.