The Oracle Cloud : More than Meets the Eye

I could argue its just another "Cloud" offering but I won't. The reason I won't is because the Oracle CIO knows what he is doing. It's probably not his business unit to manage, so you might ask why I would mention him? Because at the Collaborate 2012 User Group Conference (centered around Oracle) he gave a Keynote address and related all Oracle IT and this pending offering on the NIST Cloud Standard. This is the same standard my company bases our cloud offerings on. So I think this is great, because it will push people to look at cloud as a shift from traditional inefficient IT to new, business user driven IT and not just lump it all as "stuff hosted by someone else". Now we can carry on talking quality and cost vs. vague marketing hype. For a run down on the definition take a look at this recent post of mine. Most Recent NIST Post of mine:

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