Apple WWDC | A Bazooka Full of NIST Broad Access

The Apple World Wide Developer Conference delivered a boatload of updates across the spectrum of software, platform, and infrastructure (devices anyway).  The keynote is definitely worth a watch, if nothing else to see a company carrying on just fine sans Steve Jobs. [Click Here to Watch]

The blogosphere has picked it apart and the video says it all in terms of what you can expect from Apple in 2013, but let's see if the NIST Cloud Definition is in there some where.    The NIST Cloud Definition is about focus on enabling end users.  It's clear through every software product announcement that Broad Access, one of the 5 essential characteristics in the NIST Cloud Definition, is critical to Apple and it's end users and vice versa.  Of course Apple is not the only one to have interest in Broad Access, but since they are such a driver of consumerization, you can bet that the level of implementation shown (iWork in the browser, various sync across iCloud, etc..) in this keynote will likely be expected by your users soon.