Webinar | Using Microsoft Excel with Prolog and Other AEC Industry Applications

Tune in Tuesday, June 25th @ 2:00PM EDT for a Webinar on using Office Business Applications with Prolog and other AEC Industry applications. [Click here for PDF & Details]

We will cover what OBAs are, how they work and how they bridge technologies together with the simplicity of Excel and other Microsoft Office Applications based on web services.   We will also feature a guest speaker, Michelle Baker from Rosendin Electric, a joint client with Rotech Inc., that has made use of our off the shelf OBAs and custom OBA development services.

Last but not least we will demo Excel based OBAs, The OBA Store, and The OBA Cloud technologies which are used by nearly 100 AEC Industry companies and more than 25% of the ENR Top 400 Contractors, Design Builders, and other AEC Industry companies.

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