EC Industry Cloud Transition Cost Management: Part 3/7 08-19-14

AEC Industry Cloud Transition Cost Management: Part 3/7, Baselining Traditional IT Costs

As a reminder, whether you plan to stay with your current in-house hosted IT solution, go 100% cloud, or somewhere in between, this series will provide you with a modular approach that will be of value either way.

Ok time for the rubber to hit the road.  Many of you may find that you have little if any idea of the cost of IT today, no problem.  If you’re beyond that, perhaps it’s embodied in a report from accounting based on all the expenses you tagged with cost codes, good start.  If you’re really out there, maybe you build on accounting information with a financials application or spreadsheet that you use to combine a forecast, budgets and monitor actuals.  Whatever your situation, we’ll go from zero or somewhere in the middle to 60 here.

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