Upgrade to Prolog 9.91 Completed

Our development team has announced the recent upgrade of the popular Prolog software to the latest version 9.91. Trimble Prolog from Meridian Systems, is one of the many software suites that we host and make accessible via the cloud.

Prolog software is the leading construction project management solution, offering the most complete system of record for capturing and managing project information, from the field to the back office.

New in the Browser: Prolog Converge 9.9

  • New UI
  • Broader Browser Support
  • Forms in New Windows
  • Reports with attachments
  • New Admin Functionality
  • New Default Configuration
  • Company/Contact Improvements
  • In-form videos

New in Mobile: Prolog Mobile 9.9

  • File Library
  • Other Improvements Significant enhancements have been made in terms of performance improvements and usability, including:

    • The Drawings & Specs form has been added
    • Streamlined Initialization Process
    • On-Demand Record Refresh
    • Record Locking & “Add Comments”
    • Multiple Checklist Enhancements
    • Snapshots of Pin Locations may now be captured and attached to records
    • Additional Annotation Controls improve markup capabilities
    • Camera Enhancements

More about Trimble Prolog Converge 9.9 can be found on the Trimble website here.


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