Enterprise Cloud Application Hosting

Free your IT department to more than monitoring and patching.

Hosting your business applications at AEC Cloud brings resource, financial and innovative benefits to the company.

Allow your IT department to bring value

If you are still hosting your business applications on premises, then you already know that your IT staff's time is consumed with patching software, upgrading hardware and monitoring backups. Many research groups have found that up to 80% of IT staffing time is consumed by "keep the lights on projects."

By moving your business applications off premises, you can free up your IT staff to do more innovation that brings real value to the company.

Business application performance and scalability

Users of business applications need on demand performance and reliability to do their job efficiently. Cloud hosted applications deliver this whether in a private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid solution configuration. Users can be added or decreased on demand allowing for fast elasticity of resources. Scalability in a word.

We already host most of the popular business applications that you are already using.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to at least see a demo of what this technology can do for you and your business' productivity and bottom line.

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