Enterprise Application Hosting

Cloud hosting your business applications has now become a viable and cost effective option to any business IT plan. In the past, businesses have built and maintained on premises servers along with software installations and updates. This is a labor intensive plan that consumes a large part of business IT budgets with no real gain in innovation and overall addition to business productivity. By choosing to host your business applications in one of the cloud hosted configurations (private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud), businesses can quickly see a reduction in overall IT budgets while freeing up IT staff to add to business innovation and productivity. Software as a Service (SaaS) allows businesses to only pay for the number of users they need on a month to month basis. Budgets can be flexible according to business demand without being locked into a fixed user scenario.

Infrastructure and software updates are eliminated as tasks for IT staff. Also, backups are performed on a regular basis off site adding to the overall business continuity plan.

The largest gain in our opinion is the addition of the mobile aspect to employee productivity. Users are no longer tied to one terminal at a desk in the main office. A user's desktop can be accessed from anywhere, anytime allowing productivity gains and an increase in employee job performance.

Some of the benefits of moving enterprise applications to a cloud hosted environment:

  • Ease of use IT staff has control over end users experience and accessibility through an easy to use control panel. Users can be added and removed as needed

  • Flexibility is key Applications can be allocated on a per user basis, on a per month basis.

  • Real Cost Savings Pay as you go billing allows businesses to pay for what they consume.

  • Reliability is essential You need access to applications all day, everyday. Our hosting platform has seen a 100% uptime for the past 5 years. Redundancy and state of the art emergency measures make sure you have access to business critical applications 24/7.

  • Scalability when you need it Having the capability to handle a growing amount of workload is key to any business' success.

  • Security of you data Seurity is our highest priority and you can sleep at night knowing that your data is safe in our highly secure hosting environment.

We host any business application you need. If you don't see it in our list below, just ask!

Software we host:


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