Enterprise App Hosting: A Predictable Future for Your AEC Firm

Consider this trend: Worldwide spending on enterprise application software will grow 7.5% this year, reaching nearly $150 billion, and eclipse $210 billion by 2019. In fact, the most interesting point about these stats, as projected by Gartner, is that the majority of this spending will be on “modernization” efforts. That sure sounds like a case of the cloud to me. A closer look at the numbers reveals this is indeed the case. In a recent survey conducted by Gartner, 45% of organizations say that modernizing on-premise applications is in their top-five IT priorities right now. Furthermore, more than 40% say that this involves extending the capabilities of core enterprise applications.

As we examined in a previous post, the process of moving business applications out of an on-premises situation can be cost efficient, help reduce maintenance requirements, add flexibility and scalability to resources, on demand user administration, and off site user support.

Those, of course, are the immediate benefits. When you start to look out longer term, the value of hosting your enterprise applications in the cloud one clear advantage begins to emerge: predictability. That statement might fly in the face of your perceptions about the cloud (i.e., you don’t know what to expect), but in fact predictability is indeed what the cloud is all about.

Predictability in cost: Controlling your IT budget comes down to managing expenses. Without the cost of managing the IT infrastructure and the ability to quickly scale up or down as needed, the cloud presents a more predictable cost model. This creates more freedom for you to pursue new business opportunities or market expansion with greater aggression.

Predictability in performance: This is where our expertise at AEC Cloud truly begins to emerge. We have more than 15 years of experience hosting applications and data for some of the largest construction companies in the world. With this experience, we know cloud hosting and help apply that knowledge to help you navigate the options and make the right choices for the future. Our performance makes finding an experienced and reliable hosting partner easier.

Predictability in partnership: As an AEC firm, you need to ensure that you are working with applications that have just as much “equity” in construction that you have put in. In other words, moving to the cloud might seem to have its uncertainties—one of which shouldn’t be the partners you are working with.

The list of software products that we host is long and deep. The top names in the AEC space, ranging from Oracle to Microsoft to Sage to Viewpoint and more are all part of the AEC Cloud offering. The full list can be accessed here.

With that predictability in the partners you work with, you can ensure they have your best interests in mind. Take a product like Primavera P6 EPPM, for example. This product allows you and your project teams to efficiently collaborate while providing flexible choices in how users access critical project data through a Web-based user interface.

When things become more predictable, your business is able to move forward with greater confidence. Just ask Jois Construction Management System. The project and construction management services company is one of the latest to partner with AEC Cloud to host its business applications. The company works on major infrastructure projects around the globe for highly demanding owners. Predictability in cost and schedule are a must for running its business—something that hosting its business applications in the cloud can provide.

In this market, that can be an invaluable asset—and a competitive advantage that you cannot afford to ignore.


Proven Reliability and Leadership For Over 15 Years

AEC Cloud has been on the scene working with the largest AEC companies in the field for over 15 years. Leaders in the industry rely on our expertise and proven track record to help their companies stay ahead with their Enterprise Application Hosting needs. Hensel Phelps, Turner Construction are a couple names that come to mind.

Finding an experienced and reliable hosting partner is critical in seeing a successful outcome.

Here at AEC Cloud, we know what you need before you do. We have been hosting applications and data for some of the largest companies in the AEC space for over 15 years. We can help guide you through the maze of cloud hosting and determine exactly what your company needs today, and what it will need tomorrow.

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