Hosted Applications + Virtual Desktop = WIN

The mobile work force and the benefits it brings to any business model are here to stay. Smartphones and tablets have become the next generation thin client, using the power of cloud hosted applications, file storage and web services.

While these devices have torn down the walls of the office, there is still a need for the desktop experience. Many early adopters of the Virtual Desktop, or desktop as thin client, still bear the emotional scars of slow refresh rates, and overall poor performance. So poor in fact it was at times crippling to work productivity.

The technology of the desktop thin client has dramatically improved and is now a viable option for both inside the office, and outside. Virtualization of desktops has come a long ways over the past couple years with improvements in graphic acceleration, server protocols and server performance.

End users of the Virtual Desktop can now enjoy a 'normal' desktop experience with full access to files and applications they need, when and where they need them.

Cloud-based desktops coupled with hosted applications and file storage open up increases in worker productivity and a lowering of IT costs.

Employees can enjoy a mobile work-space, accessing their personal desktop, files and applications from any connected terminal.

At this point, it is worth the time and effort for IT departments to take a hard look at this opportunity, and at a minimum do some cost/productivity comparisons.

We are definitely past the days of early adoption, with many larger companies now taking the steps to move in the direction of cloud-based desktops, apps and file storage. Hensel Phelps, Turner Construction are a couple of our client names that come to mind.

The benefits are just to many to ignore.

Real Benefits

  • Cost efficiency

  • Reduction of maintenance requirements

  • Flexibility and scalability of resources

  • On demand user administration

  • 24/7 user support

  • Off-site backup of critical data

  • Regular maintenance and software upgrades

  • Employee mobility anywhere, anytime

  • Freedom to focus on core business

Proven Reliability and Leadership For Over 15 Years

AEC Cloud has been on the scene working with the largest AEC companies in the field for over 15 years. Leaders in the industry rely on our expertise and proven track record to help their companies stay ahead with their Enterprise Application Hosting needs. Hensel Phelps, Turner Construction are a couple names that come to mind.

Finding an experienced and reliable hosting partner is critical in seeing a successful outcome.

Here at AEC Cloud, we know what you need before you do. We have been hosting applications and data for some of the largest companies in the AEC space for over 15 years. We can help guide you through the maze of cloud hosting and determine exactly what your company needs today, and what it will need tomorrow.

Software we host:

We host any enterprise business application you need to get your job done. If you don't see what you need in our list below, just ask!


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