AEC Cloud Best Practices Webinar with Hagen Business Systems

Yesterday we had a nice opportunity to co-market and educate ourselves and the industry with one of our business partners, Hagen Business Systems out of Phoenix, AZ.  The Webinar covered popular concerns about leveraging Cloud Based solutions and best practices to avoid common pitfalls.  We'll have a Video replay up soon.

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 4/4

Segment 4 is the continuation of Q&A with numerous questions from the audience and more discussion from Jeremy Sibert and Wes Smith. [youtube=]

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 3/4

Segment 3 is the continuation of Wes Smith speaking on Integration and Interoperability within the AEC Industry. The second half includes commentary from Wes Smith and Jeremy Sibert on various topics as well as the beginning of Q&A. [youtube=]

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 2/4

Segment 2 is the continuation of Wes Smith speaking about the NIST Cloud Definition and how to apply it to your cloud transition. After the definition Wes breaks into several major areas of interest for AEC Industry participants such as Unified Application Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management, Interoperability and Integration. [youtube=]

Unified Cloud Solutions Video from AGC IT Forum 2013 Part 1/4

Segment 1 contains introductions and the 1st section by Jeremy Sibert from Hensel Phelps Construction Co.  Primary topics are a Google survey on cloud, Pre 2010 state of the AEC Industry, the Apple fueled bridge to utopia, the cloud puzzle, cloud confusion, the unified cloud goal, and various questions along the way. [youtube=]

Unified Cloud Solutions Presentation

We recently spoke @ Viewpoint Collaborate 2013 on Unified Cloud Solutions.  We covered a range of solutions topics including Unified Application Management, Business Intelligence, Integration and Interoperability.  To illustrate these solutions, we used examples from our work at the Pentagon, New York Times, and other clients as well as a range of AEC vendor offerings. Based on a range of feedback, our demystification of Cloud and our vision of the future is a great framework for getting non technical and technical teams on a level playing field for communication.

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Constructech Top 50 for 2013

AEC Cloud / Cram Group, a proven industry provider of online hosting services and support for the AEC Industry, is named for the fifth consecutive time one of 2013 Hottest 50 Companies by Constructech Magazine. The Constructech 50 is a listing of the most influential construction technology providers with a strong and ongoing market presence.

AGC IT Forum 2013 | TCG & Hensel Phelps Speaking on Unified Cloud Based Solutions for Efficiency and Productivity

Please join us in Chicago on Wednesday, August 14 and Thursday, August 15, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel for the 5th annual AGC IT Forum Conference where great peer-to-peer collaboration and networking are central! This year the theme is Strong IT Knowledge Driving Excellent Business Decisions.  [Official Event Site].  There are a number of great speakers covering Interoperability, Integration, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Mobility including industry colleagues of ours from  COSA & Burger Consulting. Our session is Thursday, August 15th, Details are below:

CONFERENCE SESSION:  Unified Cloud Based Solutions for Efficiency and Productivity

Jeremy Sibert, Director of Technology,  Hensel Phelps Construction Co. Wes Smith, President, The Cram Group

No single shoe fits all sizes, likewise no isolated application can address all of a companies needs.  Jeremy Sibert (Hensel Phelps Construction Co.) and Wes Smith (The Cram Group) will discuss the benefits of harnessing a range of applications and their vision for unified, interoperable solutions for the AEC Industry.  Topics such as the NIST Cloud definition, unified application management, business intelligence, integration and agcXML standards will be included.  Several examples will be demonstrated.


AGC San Diego Chapter Official Membership

With the opening of our office in San Diego, we jumped right into community participation by joining the local AGC chapter as an affiliate member.  We are members of a number of technical associations but AGC gives us more opportunity to hear from General Contractors and other AEC Industry companies about the reality of their daily work.  In addition to being a member we were invited to be part of the Technology Committee to bring expertise in cloud based technologies and give other perspectives from our service provider point of view.

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Excel with AEC Business Applications [Video]

Team TCG had a great webinar the other day.  This includes a walkthrough of Office Business Applications (OBAs) and using them with integrated web services, a fundamental technology driving cloud solutions.  If you missed it, take a look at the video below. [youtube=]

TCG to Participate in Citrix Synergy, May 22-24, 2013

The TCG Road Crew is off to Citrix Synergy our Nth appearance!  Among our high quality Infrastructure & Platform partners, we always enjoy our visit to Citrix Synergy.  Not only do our ties for more than 20 years make it more interesting but Citrix is one of those portfolio companies that always delivers (no pun intended) with their new announcements.

TCG to Participate in McGraw Hill | ENR FutureTech West, March 14th, 2013

Once again we head off to San Francisco for our 4th round of ENR FutureTech conferences.  We've been attending and exhibiting at the East and West Coast events since their inception, showing support the industry and exercising a great platform to discuss our innovative solutions with a vendor neutral audience.

TCG to Participate in AGC's 94th Annual National Convention, March 6th, 2013

The TCG road crew is set to head  for AGC's 94th Annual Convention on March 6th through 9th in Palm Springs, CA.  Conferences like these are great for understanding the real issues our existing and future clients face in the AEC Industry today.   They are also great for networking among new and established technology vendors as well as organizations like COSA who are promoting open standards for the AEC Industry.

TCG to Participate in Viewpoint Collaborate 2013

We had a great time in Portland last year and are pretty excited for this years annual conference.   Certainly one of the top AEC Industry events we have been to (and we've been to a lot) including location, educational perspective, client, vendor & partner attendance.  We will be sponsoring and speaking this year in a special session on Unified Cloud Solutions for the AEC  Industry.  We're looking forward to highlighting the innovative work we have been able to do around the family of Viewpoint Offerings.

2012-10-05, Constructech Technology Day 2012 | TCG Sponsorship & Speaking

The Cram Group participates and provides sponsorship for Technology Day 2012 - Constructech's annual Conference held October 5, 2012 at the Mariott in San Mateo. Wes Smith, Cloud Executive Officer from The Cram Group, speaks about "Serving up the Cloud".

2012-09-14, Meridian Customer Summit | Exhibit, Sponsorship & Speaking

The Cram Group attends and provides silver sponsorship for Meridian Systems annual Customer Summit 2012 and exhibited in the partner show case. Wes Smith, Cloud Executive Officer from The Cram Group, one of the prominent speaker over the years, shared the importance of Cloud Technologies.

2012-04-12, Construction Imaging Peer Exchange, Denver

The Cram Group attends and speaks about NIST cloud standards at the Construction Imaging Peer Exchange event in Denver, CO.

2012-03-08, Construction Imaging Peer Exchange, Oakland

The Cram Group attends Construction Imaging Peer Exchange event in Oakland, CA

2012-03-16, Construction Imaging Peer Exchange, NC

The Cram Group attends and sponsors the Construction Imaging Peer Exchange event in Charlotte, NC.