On-Screen Takeoff (OST)

Sage Estimating and On-Screen Takeoff: Why host on the cloud?

Sage Estimating and On-Screen Takeoff

Sage Estimating and On-Screen Takeoff are a windows client application that perfectly fit a hosted model. 

Offloading to the cloud eliminates additional server for OST license management, and gives better performance, flexibility, and ease of access.

We understand estimators use a takeoff and an estimating software back to back. 

From our experience hosting Sage estimating and On-Screen Takeoff on Microsoft Azure for our clients, here are few inputs on why to consider hosting both the applications on the cloud.

Anywhere access

Estimators, project team members, and managers can work from anywhere, collaborate, and update records.  Teams working from more than one location sees this as a huge benefit.

Digital Takeoff Experience

Computing power and speed is an essential requirement for On-Screen Takeoff.  Deploying OST on a cloud server with the right computing power provides better image processing, speed, and performance.  Your team can quickly load or scan blueprints and perform take offs with ease.

Server Requirement

To deploy Sage Estimating and On-Screen Takeoff on a traditional setup, you’d need three servers. An SQL server for the sage database, an application server and a license server for OST.

Whereas deploying on a cloud requires only a database and an application server.  Because OST now supports a cloud-compatible license version and makes it easier for cloud transition.

Also, running one application server for both the application is a better choice for provisioning, managing access to applications, folders, files and supports populating records between Sage Estimating and On-Screen Takeoff.

Storage and Backup

Cloud storage on Azure is a high performing storage disk which supports defined workload.  Also, you can extend the storage ability with your on-premise workloads making a hybrid.

Configuring backup becomes easy when working with cloud storage as the components will be in the same network and scalable.



Overall, hosting Sage Estimating and On-Screen Take off on the cloud has some cost benefits against a traditional IT management.  Besides cost, users can work from anywhere securely on highly available performing servers improving productivity and accuracy.

Managed Cloud Hosting Provider

AEC Cloud has been hosting applications for its clients and specializes in solving anywhere access by managed cloud hosting services.  If you are in the middle of evaluating migrating to the cloud or need assistance, please gives us a call at (212) 505-0381 or contact us by email.

AEC Cloud Now Hosting On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff

AEC Cloud is proud to announce another software suite that we are hosting for a client. 

On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff

has an integral role in our construction software solutions for

plan viewing, quantity takeoff, estimating and project management.

On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff is one of the many software suites that we host and make accessible via the cloud.

.AEC Cloud hosts the software making it accessible to your company users via a virtual desktop. No more upgrades or licensing to worry about. AEC Cloud takes the headache out of IT, and IT maintenance and support.

On Center Software’s On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) started the industry in 1994. OST effectively scales to support small contractors and global construction enterprises. From plan viewing to quantity measurements to estimating to project management–it all starts with OST.

Reduce Costs:

  • Just preparing to submit a bid is an expensive endeavor:

  • Make estimators more efficient and lower the cost to bid

  • Eliminate the need for paper plans, reprographics costs, colored pens, and storage for plans

  • Bid more work with the same number of estimators in the department

Save Time:

  • A quantity takeoff is no longer a labor intensive process:

  • Automation of the takeoff process allows Construction Estimators to spend less time preparing each bid

  • Separation of takeoff quantities into bid areas saves a great deal of time for estimators

  • The powerful plan viewing and takeoff tools helps takeoff quantities with blazing speed!

Spot Plan Changes:

  • Never miss another costly addendum:

  • Avoid the headache caused when the architect or GC forgets to properly cloud and document a revision.

  • On-Screen Takeoff clearly shows the differences between 2 sets of plans by overlaying them and then marking deleted items in bright red and new items in blue.

For more information about On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff, visit their website: http://www.oncenter.com/products/ost/

Onscreen Takeoff on Cloud

AEC Cloud Increases Efficiency and Decreases Your Bottom Line by hosting Onscreen takeoff

If you are thinking about moving all or part of your business to the cloud, give us a call at (212) 505-0381 to discussion or contact us.

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