Revit Cloud Server

Revit Application Hosting by AEC Cloud


Within the last five years the deployment of BIM applications like Revit, Navisworks, and Sketchup on cloud-hosted servers has become more economical.  Today, AEC Cloud hosts, and manages Autodesk Revit and other Line Of Business applications for its customers on the Microsoft Azure stack.  

AEC Cloud History

AEC Cloud is one of the early adopters to work with the Autodesk suite of applications in server based environments.  In 2010, customers and partners began asking us to host graphic intensive products such as Revit, in order to improve collaboration and offload local workstation and server management issues.  At the time, solutions based on Citrix and Nvidia dedicated hardware were possible but not feasible for the average  Company.  

AEC Cloud Hosting Model

Focused on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, AEC Cloud hosts a wide range of business applications based on the NIST Cloud definition.  This framework includes the Software, Platform, Infrastructure, and Resources (SPIR) required to manage cloud services.  

The infrastructure (IaaS) including servers and networking is the fundamental bottom layer required to stand up any solution.  With the help of our expertise AEC companies can work with us to build and manage a hybrid, private or public cloud environment.

The Resource (RaaS), is the human resource to manage the top three layers, software, platform, and infrastructure. These resources are focused on user support, systems maintenance, upgrades, and account management.

Microsoft Azure Technology

The N series by Azure is a game changer. Announcing its bleeding edge high compute virtual machines in August 2016, we can deploy design applications in lesser time and configure.

AEC Cloud, a Microsoft partner, is a preferred cloud hosting provider for the AEC industry managing and hosting Revit, Navisworks, and other designed based applications on Azure for its clients.

Sample Configuration of a Azure Hosted Solution for Revit

Access provisioned through AEC Cloud portal offering a streamlined anywhere experience to users

  • Users; 5

  • Application; Revit

  • Operating System; Microsoft Windows

  • Virtual Machine; NC6, 6 Core 568GB Memory