Server Upgrade

The best way forward for end of support servers

End of support Windows Server - Upgrade

Are you still on Windows, SQL 2008/200 8 R2 servers? Plan for a server upgrade now. As per Microsoft, extended support for Windows server 2008 /2008 R2 is coming to end on July 9, 2019 and for SQL 2008/ 2008 R2 on Jan 14, 2020. 

End of support means, the end of security updates. Failure to upgrade your platform will result in compliance gap or security attacks.

Therefore, create a plan and choose your options sooner than later.  Let us first look at all the factors that may influence your decision. 

  • Capacity or performance of your servers

  • Data center, IT contract expiry

  • Software upgrades and compatibility

  • Security threats and compliance

  • End of support

On-Premise Upgrade

This is an option if you prefer to maintain a traditional IT setup and requires an upgrade.  You get to upgrade Windows 2008/2008 R2 to Windows 2019, and SQL 2008/R2 to 2017. 


  1. Existing software applications compatibility.

  2. Upfront cost and annual support & maintenance fee.

  3. Dedicated IT support

  4. No guarantee on up-time. 

Transition to Azure Cloud

In this option, you just lift and shift all your workloads and start running on a same or latest version of the Azure servers.


Windows server and SQL free extended security update –

  1. No code change required.

  2. Upgrade performance by increasing size of the servers.

  3. Backup in cloud and minimize risk of losing data.

  4. Pay only for usage.

Alternatively, you could also opt to set up a hybrid environment (On premise + Azure).

Where do you start?

Start by assessing your current IT by software, platform, infrastructure and resources.  Determine if the above factors best describe your situation and device a plan of your choice. 

If you need assistance, please contact us.  We've assisted our customers with assessments and guided them to make the correct decision.

Partner assistance

Selecting Azure is a wise choice, however you'd need the right skill sets. AEC Cloud is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and has proven expertise in assisting customers by hosting their mission critical applications on Azure.  We help transform businesses to a modern IT.

Time to upgrade, modernize, and transform

With the impending End of Support deadlines, now is the time to upgrade, modernize, and transform to current versions of SQL Server, Windows Server, or Azure services for more security, performance and innovation.

End of support, like any life cycle milestone, offers you an opportunity to reassess and prepare yourself for the future. Don't wait until it's too late, so start planning today.