Top advantages of hosted software model

Advantages of hosted software

One of the key advantages of the hosted model is the mobile aspect. By deploying your application on a cloud-enabled hosted site opens the ability to access the software from any terminal or device with internet access.

Since the internet became a necessity to improve the quality of work and boost productivity, transitioning to cloud hosting makes sense due to its advantages over traditional IT.

The top advantages of a hosted software model are:

  • Anywhere access

  • Reliable Backup

  • Scalability of computing resources

  • An overall reduction in IT costs

Anywhere access

Anywhere access directly relate to productivity and efficiency.

As the applications will run on a cloud server, staff will have the ability to access from anywhere, connect, collaborate, and share information in real-time.

Reliable Backup

In a traditional setup, you'd take a backup from physical servers on to tape or an external drive and push a copy to another offsite location.

The cloud-hosted server gives you option to configure a cloud-based backup within the region and copies of instances to different geo locations like the offsite concept. 

Scalability of computing resources

Another big advantage of cloud hosting is the ability to scale server resources.

A physical server can drop performance when there is a high computing usage which then requires an increase in memory capacity. 

Whereas, with cloud-enabled hosted servers you can make quick changes to the configuration at a marginal increase in cost. Additionally, you can also set up another server to load balance in much less time.

An overall reduction in IT costs

A cloud model is usage based. Hence costs of servers, network, storage, backup and resources to maintain should be significantly less.

However, to gain competitive insight, ascertain the actual costs of managing your software on-premise and compare with the pricing from a cloud hosting provider.

Take advantage

When considering to select the right software deployment, SaaS is also another option which is just another hosted software model.

But you need to understand the difference between hosted vs SaaS so you are clear with the delivery method.

However, hosted software improves productivity, efficiency and minimize IT costs.

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